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Best 15+ Bathroom Tile Ideas – Adalyn Acosta

Beste 15 + Badezimmer Fliesen Ideen – Adalyn Acosta

Best 15+ Bathroom Tile Ideas – Adalyn Acosta

Window treatments are amazing.

Why? For one, well-dressed window add wow to any room in the house. And they are also functional - they can be used to block light, create integrity, soft sounds, pay attention to great views (or hide less appealing) and much more. And they look great on it.

To help you find out which window management styles are appropriate for your home and taste, here is an overview of the basic types. Don't want to spend a fortune? I throw in some simple DIY ideas to dress up your existing curtains and shades.


curtains usually hangs on bars from rings, tabs or ribbons and folds up or closes by hand. This type of window treatment is made in a variety of styles and fabrics to suit windows large and small, in formal or informal settings.

Drapery panels tend to look more formal than curtains. Draperies are attached to a bar with hooks that allow opening and closing by pulling a cord. They usually hang from the top of a window or even the ceiling to the floor.

blinds help control light and integrity and can be used with other window treatments or alone. All kinds of materials - including vinyl, wood and faux wood - are available to match the style of your spaces.

Shades is used to block the light and provide privacy as well. Styles include simple roller shades; top-down shades; Roman shades with neat, defined folds; and balloon shades that grow when they are pushed up.

Grain pieces are attached to the wall at the top of the window. Usually made of plywood and dressed with color, fabric, wallpaper, casting or other embellishments, crowns are used to add architectural details to windows.

valances , which, like crowns, is hung over the top of windows, covers curtain rods and places structural interests. Fabric selection can be tailor-made to create a distinct shape or drape loosely over the window.


The tricky part about window treatments determines which ones to use and in which combination. Some questions to ask yourself:

What is the style of my windows and the room they are in?

Formal floral screen treatments can be completely ridiculous in a modern home, while inexpensive blinds will probably not do justice to a bank of windows in a formal setting. I prefer simpler shades and curtains over convinced layers of fabric in my own home, but there is something to be said about a well-designed, formal living or dining room with exquisite fabric folds that frame a window.

What is the function of the room?

This can control the material you choose for your window treatments. For example, it is smart to choose tissues that are carrying moisture for the bathroom windows and those that are easy to clean for windows near heavy spaces in the kitchen.

What size are my windows?

Fool your eyes to believe that your small windows are larger by placing the curtain bar above the window. Are your windows too narrow? Pull out the rod beyond the sides of the window frame. Or if you are lucky enough to have large windows, but they are on a large scale with the size of your rooms and the decor in them, choose simple treatments with minimal layers and patterned fabrics to show off the tab.

What functions should my window treatments fulfill?

If you love natural light as much as I do, you might want clean fabric panels and nothing more. But consider issues like: privacy (so the neighbors can't see you making coffee shortly after you trip out of bed in the morning), light control (if you want it as dark as possible while sleeping, window treatments with blackout could be the way to go), and temperature control (in dry rooms, honeycomb shades is a good choice to provide a degree of insulation).

Oh, and don't forget to consider how your windows look from the outside!


Formal window treatments with their many layers and several fabrics and designs require more sewing and decoration of know-how than this Know-It-All is willing to jump in for right now. But informal window treatments are a breeze to make over yourself. The key is to keep it simple, functional and fun.

Add oomph For purchased curtains (or panels that you have sewn yourself) with ribbons, buttons, bows, beads, tassels, cording or whatever other decor fits your style.

Paint wood blinds a lively color.

Sew Your own café curtains - they are easy to do with funky fabrics or remnants from other projects.

Create a custom roller shade by purchasing a DIY scroll screen kit from a craft or fabric store. Or buy pure shades and decorate them with acrylic paint-stamped shapes, free flowers, polka dots or stripes. Still feel good looking? Hot-glue band along the bottom of the shade, create a shade suit with leftover bands and a charm and voila! you're done.

Or if naked windows call your name, tear these drapes down as Scarlett O & # 39; Hara did in Gone With the Wind and make yourself a dress.